Salón Acme N.9: Mexico City, Mexico

General Prim, 10 - 13 February 2022 

ACME Show No. 9
10 - 13 FEB


Invited Projects
Alicia Ayanegui


 For their inaugural participation @___Campeche present a new body of work by Mexican artist @AliciaAyanegui, including new large format paintings, along with a series of works on paper.


Through complex processes that require prolonged observation and deep analysis of her living space, Ayanegui paints vignettes of light and darkness within the spaces she inhabits. These tend to poetically depict and often abstract common objects, such as chairs, pillows and houseplants, which inadvertently evidence the person who owns them and gently reveal their personal history. "These are my things and my experiences: what I feel when I am there, immersed in a space."

Photographs @alum_galvez
Instagram @salonamce