Yeni Mao - La Casa Erosionada

Museo Anahuacalli
Casa Erosionada
Museo Anahuacalli
July 29th - October 8th, 2023. 
Yeni Mao is part of La Casa Erosionada at Museo Anahuacalli, its first group exhibition in over a decade. The exhibition features more than 50 works by 24 artists that address themes such as: the construction of identity, intergenerational healing, the exploration of emotional fluctuations, familial cognitive dissonances, the complexities of lineage, and the construction of a safe place, a home of one's own.
Artists: Aureliano Alvarado ModoChiki, Inés Bácena, Ramiro Chaves, Georgianna Chiang, Giorgia Chiarion, Manuela García, Romeo Gómez López, Octavio Gómez, Valentina Guerrero, Citlali Haro, Alan Hernández, Mili Herrera, Jesi Jordan, Yeni Mao, Theo Michael, Peach, Rubén Ulises Rodríguez, Andrea Romero, Maripili Senderos, Jacobine Van Der Meer, Javier Velázquez Cabrero, Iván Trueta, Cris Tufiño and Mauricio Villarreal.
July 19, 2023