Julieta Gil - MUTEK Edición 19

MUTEK MX 19th Edition
October 9, 10, 11 and 15, 2023
Mexico City

With renewed energy after a strong return in 2022, MUTEK MX presents the First Wave of Confirmed Artists: just a sample of the wide range of sound sensations and new hybrids between creativity and technology that await us from October 9 to 15 in emblematic locations of Mexico City.

The selected artists and projects that will be presented at MUTEK MX Edition 19 with installations, live sets and multidisciplinary performances, many of them unpublished and others created especially for the call: Aliv, Buena Tarde, Live Ephemeral [Coast2c + Julieta Gil] and Mextasis & Ezeta with audiovisual lives; Nika Milano, Rampa and Esteban Azuela in visuals; and the installations, pieces and performances of Antimateria Sonora Ensamble pres. Terra Incógnita, Camil Camil + P3P510 + Rafael Durand pres. Tejidos, Deriva Arcana & Correo Electrónico pres. Aneural, Mal Bueno pres. Fluctuante, Opuntia pres. Meketer, Rodrigo Garrido pres. Lovers, Techno para Dos & Alondra Máynez + Zeta pres. PHI, Trevor Gavilán pres. La Casa and Mercedes Montemayor & Andreah.Tif pres. Volumina.

July 18, 2023