Campeche is pleased to present Arritmia (Arrhythmia), a performance by sound artist Darío Acuña Fuentes-Berain, who will perform a commissioned piece on four different occasions, which will unfold into new versions each night, transformed by the reinterpretation of the listeners, the mood of the artist, and the context of each performance.
Darío's work fluctuates between contradictions: the creative intention vs. the assimilation of the spectators, virtuosity vs. experimentation, chaos vs. structure. Although Acuña began his career through the formal and rigorous study of music, throughout his trajectory he has come to terms with imperfection. The assimilation of the mistake is central to his work: "It is in the mistake or in the lack of planning that I feel that music comes to life." Within the fault and the inaccurate, Darío finds a source from which the unexpected, the surprising and the shared arise. For him, being vulnerable to change is key to connecting with the audience in this type of sound experiments.
Yet, not everything is visceral and random in his exploration of the unconscious mechanisms of music. Arritmia is born from order and structure (musically and theoretically) and, from there, it metamorphoses towards the uncertainty of chaos. The musical configuration of his pieces is minimalist, he thinks in layers and in the total landscape of the work; his structure is anchored in the theoretical: he understands rhythm as the most primitive and intuitive element of music: “I am interested in the fact that humans find it more comforting to listen to music that resembles the beating of their hearts than the one that breaks out of that scheme”. Acuña considers that there are prescribed or preconceived elements that must be taken into account within musical improvisation. There is no chaos without structure and no structure without chaos. Harmony is a dance that reconciles opposites.